Michael G. Noll

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Integrating Kafka and Storm: Code Examples and State of the Game

The only thing that’s even better than Apache Kafka and Apache Storm is to use the two tools in combination. Unfortunately, their integration can and is still a pretty challenging task, at least judged by the many discussion threads on the respective mailing lists. In this post I am introducing kafka-storm-starter, which contains many code examples that show you how to integrate Apache Kafka 0.8+ with Apache Storm 0.9+, while using Apache Avro as the data serialization format. I will also briefly summarize the current state of their integration on a high level to give you additional context of where the two projects are headed in this regard.

Wirbelsturm: 1-Click Deployments of Storm and Kafka Clusters With Vagrant and Puppet

I am happy to announce the first public release of Wirbelsturm, a Vagrant and Puppet based tool to perform 1-click local and remote deployments, with a focus on big data related infrastructure. Wirbelsturm’s goal is to make tasks such as “I want to deploy a multi-node Storm cluster” simple, easy, and fun. In this post I will introduce you to Wirbelsturm, talk a bit about its history, and show you how to launch a multi-node Storm (or Kafka or …) cluster faster than you can brew an espresso.

Of Algebirds, Monoids, Monads, and Other Bestiary for Large-Scale Data Analytics

Have you ever asked yourself what monoids and monads are, and particularly why they seem to be so attractive in the field of large-scale data processing? Twitter recently open-sourced Algebird, which provides you with a JVM library to work with such algebraic data structures. Algebird is already being used in Big Data tools such as Scalding and SummingBird, which means you can use Algebird as a mechanism to plug your own data structures – e.g. Bloom filters, HyperLogLog – directly into large-scale data processing platforms such as Hadoop and Storm. In this post I will show you how to get started with Algebird, introduce you to monoids and monads, and address the question why you should get interested in those in the first place.