This method allows you to extract the audio of FLV files (e.g. YouTube videos) using VLC and save it in MP3 format. I tested the instructions below with VLC on Mac OS X.

  1. Open the FLV file with VLC and stop it as soon as it starts playing.
  2. Open the VLC Wizard by clicking on File > Streaming/Exporting Wizard…
  3. Select Transcode/Save to file. Next.
  4. Select your file from the Playlist. Next.
  5. Check only the Transcode Audio checkmark (leave Video unchecked). Select 192 kb/s bitrate, and MP3 as the Audio codec. Next.
  6. Select MPEG-1 as encapsulation method. Save the file with any name, but with the extension MPG. (Don’t use MP3 at this time). Press Finish.

Once the transcoding is finished, repeat steps 1 to 6, except for:

  • Choose the MPG file you just created as your input file.
  • Change the encapsulation method as RAW. Save the new file with the extension MP3.
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