Today I am happy to share an extensive training deck on Apache Kafka version 0.8, which covers Kafka’s core concepts, operating Kafka in production, and developing Kafka applications. I also discuss data serialization with Apache Avro and Twitter Bijection.

Update 2015-08-01: Shameless plug! Since publishing this Kafka training deck I joined Confluent Inc. as their Developer Evangelist. Confluent is the US startup founded in 2014 by the creators of Apache Kafka who developed Kafka while at LinkedIn (see this Forbes article about Confluent). Next to building the world's best stream data platform we are also providing professional Kafka trainings, which go even deeper as well as beyond my extensive training deck below.

I can say with confidence that these are the authoritative and most effective Apache Kafka trainings available on the market. But you don't have to take my word for it -- feel free to take a look yourself and reach out to us if you are interested. —Michael

The training deck (120 slides) is aimed at developers, operations, and architects.

What the training deck covers

  1. Introducing Kafka: history, Kafka at LinkedIn, Kafka adoption in the industry, why Kafka
  2. Kafka core concepts: topics, partitions, replicas, producers, consumers, brokers
  3. Operating Kafka: architecture, hardware specs, deploying, monitoring, performance and scalability tuning
  4. Developing Kafka apps: writing to Kafka, reading from Kafka, testing, serialization, compression, example apps (with kafka-storm-starter)
  5. Playing with Kafka using Wirbelsturm

Many thanks to the LinkedIn Engineering team (the creators of Kafka) and the Apache Kafka open source community!

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