Today I am happy to share an extensive training deck on Apache Storm version 0.9, which covers Storm’s core concepts, operating Storm in production, and developing Storm applications. I also discuss data serialization with Apache Avro and Twitter Bijection.

The training deck (130 slides) is aimed at developers, operations, and architects.

What the training deck covers

  1. Introducing Storm: history, Storm adoption in the industry, why Storm
  2. Storm core concepts: topology, data model, spouts and bolts, groupings, parallelism
  3. Operating Storm: architecture, hardware specs, deploying, monitoring
  4. Developing Storm apps: Hello World, creating a bolt, creating a topology, running a topology, integrating Storm and Kafka, testing, data serialization in Storm, example apps (with kafka-storm-starter), performance and scalability tuning
  5. Playing with Storm using Wirbelsturm

Many thanks to the Twitter Engineering team (the creators of Storm) and the Apache Storm open source community!

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